Wrong tide times Roa Island

Wrong tide times Roa Island

Lynne Luxon-Jones

Wrong tide times Roa Island

Wrong tide times Roa Island – Having heard this ship was being dismantled I figured I should pay a visit as I was almost , sort of , well nearly in the vicinity- whats a 90minute drive between friends !

The tide times didn’t co-incide with sunrise or sunset & I was going to be on location in the middle of the afternoon on one of the warmest & brightest days of the year so far………not a recommended combination for seascape photography I have to admit ? But in for a penny, in for a pound as the saying goes .

I always feel quite sorry for ship wrecks , what an in-elegant way to spend your final years , rotting away on a beach , once shiny metal turning orangy brown as the weather takes its toll , never again to set sail across the seas , exploring new lands .

Not a wasted journey though , a couple of images that given the conditions , I’m not too displeased with & I left with a desire to return during the winter months , hopefully she’ll still be there .

A huge thanks to Debbie Rooker for this weeks viewers image ……the words you wrote Debie realy encompassed what motivates a landscape photographer to do what they do…….seeing the beauty of a new day unfolding before their eyes & reminded me that sometimes, I need to step away from the camera & just watch it happen …thank you so much ??

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