The Kelpies Scotland

The Kelpies Scotland

Lynne Luxon-Jones

The Kelpies

The Kelpies Scotland – 4 days in Scotland & only had the camera out 3 times , it was windy & rainy & then some !

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Still a good scouting trip though , a few locations found to revisit when 40-50mph winds aren’t making near on impossible to get any photography done .

I’ve heard about the Kelpies so it seemed rude not to call in on my way home, the wind finally dropped a bit & the sun put in an appearance though sunset was still sadly lacking in color .

The light show was mesmerising , I stood for about 45 minutes just watching them change color….& still couldn’t make up my mind which color I liked best ?

The structures themselves are impressive to say the least , had it not been so ridiculously windy when I arrived I’d have been able to show you them up close so you could appreciate the engineering that has created them but it wasn’t to be .

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