Seascapes and Long Exposures

Seascapes and Long Exposures

Geoff Moore

Seascapes and Long Exposures

Seascapes and Long Exposures - Join me for some seascapes and long exposure photography at the Talacre and the Point of Ayr Lighthouse.

This video was planned to be a retrospective comparison of images taken 4 years ago at sunrise at Talacre Lighthouse (which marked the start of my photography journey) with 4 images taken at sunrise this weekend a whole four years later.

Unfortunately as with all great plans the British road network and incessant love affair with roadworks meant that my journey to Talacre and The Point of Ayr Lighthouse in Wales in time for sunrise was due to road closures and diversions that sprung up as I traveled from Worcester at 2am to Talacre for sunrise. Unfortunately I only caught the tail end of sunrise and I had to think on my feet for what images I could take.

High tide and long exposures came to mind. Making best of a bad situation, I decided to wait out the less than favourable conditions and hope that a high tide and any break in the weather would offer up some seascape images, which would turn, what was fast becoming wasted journey into, a productive adventure with the camera.

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