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Scottish Landscape Photography Guide

Scottish Landscape Photography

Landscape Photographers Guide to Scotland

Scottish Landscape Photography - photography Guide Scotland - this is in my opinion some of the best photo places in Scotland.

Clicking on one of the camera icons on the map below will show an image of the location and the URL for the corresponding short blog post about these photo locations.

Maps and all the exif meta data that was available at the time of capture of photos and or videos.


The locations on this map are a constant work in progress. 

If you are looking for a location that has to be updated (no URL), use the GET IN TOUCH page to place a request for that particular location and I will try to get it updated sooner.

Scotland South West

Scotland North East

Scotland South East

360 Panoramas of public buildings exteriors and interiors, from cultural and tourist locations, both modern and historical buildings by day and night.

Standard format pictures of Scotland's Islands, castles, churches and famous Scottish Golf Courses will also be displayed on this website.

Why I chose to share this data

I feel that it is only correct that I should share the location, exif meta data and any tips that I think might be relevant, as it is my way of helping new photographers, if nothing else it is a “rough starting” point.

What I have learnt about photography has been from three sources:
1.When I was in my teenage years it was my father who taught me the basics of photography.
2.On-line from sites like KelbyOne and creativeLive.
3.Watching videos from local and international photographers on YouTube.

What I have noticed is that there is a lot of photographers that are asking for camera details, lens used, filters, shutter speed, iso and f-stop and exactly where the photo was taken.

Having been photographing for many years now, I fully understand that this data is unlikely to be relevant at any time other than when the original photo was captured. You can find out more about me here

PS just for any sceptical person that might read this I DO NOT run workshops, sell prints, sell presets or anything similar.

I am not sponsored by any camera or accessory manufacturer.

All that I ask is that if you are going to make a purchase from Amazon that you consider using one of the affiliate links at the bottom of my blog posts.

Thanks Alex