North Berwick Scotland Sunrise


North Berwick Photo 2

North Berwick Scotland Sunrise - scenic places in Scotland North Berwick a seaside town on the south shore of the Firth of Forth, 25 miles east of Edinburgh.

Second photo location

Only a short walk to the second photo location. Actually just the other side of the rocks middle of the first photo that points out towards the sea. The light has changed from that soft pink tone to warm orange, reflecting of the wet rocks in the foreground and the gentile waves as they lap on the smooth sand.

EXIF Metadata
Location Sunrise West Beach North Berwick Landscape
How to get here See Map
GPS position 56°3'41" N 2°43'44" W
Google Maps 376C+M5 North Berwick
Where to park Parking space - on street
What to shoot Sunrise, rocks sea
When to shoot Across the bay at Sunrise at shortly after high tide to get smooth
sand on the beach
Camera Canon 1Ds III
Lens Irix Ultra Wide-Angle Lens Firefly 15 mm f2,4
ISO 50
"f" stop f16
Shutter Speed 1/8 sec
Filters Irix Edge 95mm Circular Polarizer (about mid polarization setting)

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