North Berwick Scotland Sunrise

North Berwick Scotland Sunrise

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North Berwick Scotland Sunrise

North Berwick Scotland Sunrise - scenic places in Scotland, North Berwick a seaside town on the south shore of the Firth of Forth, 25 miles east of Edinburgh.

Day 1

After watching the various TV weather forecasts, on-line weather, sunrise and tide times apps, over the previous weeks it was looking favourable on Monday 25th Feb for sunrise photo-shoot.

Low pressure to the west and high pressure to the east of Scotland was predicted. With a bit of luck this would produce some cloud overhead and a clear sky at the eastern horizon.

Add the fact that sunrise was about thirty minutes after high tide. I was hoping that the sand on the beach would be in pristine condition as the water ebbed back towards the North Sea.

I decided that an overnight stay would be best, as this would allow me to scout the area along the shore on the day prior to the photo-shoot and find my location for the next morning.

Fortunately I managed to get a room with a sea view in the MacDonald Marine Hotel North Berwick, that overlooked the golf course and more importantly the shoreline. 

This to me was very important, in-case the forecast was completely wrong. After looking out of the bedroom window it would only be a few steps to be back in bed, rather than out in the cold trying to make the best of bad conditions.

Day 2

The location of the hotel was perfect less than 10 minutes walk to the first location to capture the pre-sunrise light.
The sun surveyor app estimated that the sun would rise above the buildings on the other side of the bay by 7:30 am. See second photo location.

First photo location

The forecast was perfect the cloud at the top of the frame glowed pink as the first rays of the sunrise lit up the underside.

Reflecting this beautiful soft light down onto water and the recently submerged rocks.

Gear used full frame Canon with an Irix 15 mm ultra wide angle lens, Manfrotto carbon fibre tripod.
I also used a CamRanger to connect the camera to an iPad mini by wifi, to control shutter remotely.

Single image capture - no focus stacking was used. Additional camera settings, location etc. available as free pdf download at the bottom of this page. 

The same set-up was used for the second photo. 

Second photo location

Only a short walk to the second photo location. Actually just the other side of the rocks middle of the first photo that points out towards the sea.

Twenty five minutes after the first photo and with the sun now above the horizon and just starting to appear over the rooftops at the other side of the bay.

The light has changed from that soft pink tone to warm orange, reflecting of the wet rocks in the foreground and the gentile waves as they lap on the smooth sand.


Just over 1 hour after leaving the hotel I have captured two different images that I am very pleased with, both on the same beach and of the same sunrise.

Now it is time to start thinking about breakfast.

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North Berwick Scotland Photo Location 1

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