Never let go of the tripod

Never let go of the tripod

Darren Knight Photo

Never let go of the tripod

Never let go of the tripod - Firstly let me apologise about the poor Lav mic audio. When I was recording to the H1 zoom, I had the LO cut filter switched on which normally does a pretty good job in controlling the wind noise.

However, due to the high winds and roaring sea the Zoom was trying to cut out as much background noise as possible, but unfortunately cut me out as well.

Anyway, What a morning! I'm really enjoying shooting at Happisburgh at the moment, as it has some nice rocks and old sea defences, which makes a change from shooting the barren beaches I'm used to.

I met up with a few local residents who all said that they haven't seen the tide that high for a long time and so it was nice to capture the waves hitting the cliff face, as I'm not sure how often that happens.

A real mixed bag of exposures, ranging from 0.5 seconds to 1/1000 of a second and I'm quite pleased with all of the images that I've shown in the video.

Thanks for watching and until next weeks video, See ya

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