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Most Beautiful Coast in Europe : Michael Breitung, Video
Most Beautiful Coast in Europe

Most Beautiful Coast in Europe

Michael Breitung

Most Beautiful Coast in Europe

Most Beautiful Coast in Europe - In this video I show you one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe, which I visited back in September with a campervan.

It was the perfect way to travel during an pandemic: off season had already started at many of the places we visited and on some camp spots there were not many people.

Also, for the first time I had the Canon R5 on a real photo trip and I was looking forward to put it through its paces. I did a lot of coastal photography and night photography through which the R5 performed perfectly.

I'm very glad about this, because I was a bit skeptical as to how it would behave in warmer conditions - and I had plenty of those. During some shoots I had the sun baking the camera in 30+ °C and both photo and video (4K HQ) worked.

With the new firmware update I could always record 4K HQ - typical use case being: Taking photos for 30 minutes, then recording a few minutes of video before taking photos again and then video.

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