Lighthouses and Stormy Weather

Lighthouses and Stormy Weather

Lynne Luxon-Jones

Lighthouses and Stormy Weather

Lighthouses and Stormy Weather - After a day of really mixed weather I headed to Maughold Lighthouse & a precarious perch on the edge of the cliffs hoping for some good sunset color .

My 1st visit here was a few years back & it is the Only location ( to date) that has actually moved me to tears with it's beauty

.The views are simply stunning & tonight didn't let me down,it was as glorious as I remembered . The video doesn't really show just how blooming steep that cliff face was , combined with the very slippy grass & heather I had a few moments when I muttered to myself " what in hell's name are you doing here girl ! " Castleton Harbour was a fluke , my sleepy spot was just along the road at Scarlett where I'd been hoping for some good rocky seascapes but the tide was wrong .

I just happened to glance across the water ,saw the waves & hightailed in to the nearest carpark & spent the next 3 hours merrily snapping away , the joy of digital 🙂


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