Keep it Simple at the Coast

Keep it Simple at the Coast

Lynne Luxon-Jones

Keep it Simple at the Coast

Keep it Simple at the Coast - The pull of the coast is so strong .....the 01:30am alarm call ..... Not so much !

As photographers we spend a large amount of our time chasing the light , I now also chase the tide , incoming , outgoing , high or low ,as long as it co-incides with sunrise or sunset .

The down side to this in the summer is the ridiculous o'clock starts ....but when you stand on a deserted beach , looking out across a flat calm ocean , a gentle breathe of wind on your face and witness the dawn of a fresh new day ...that is something so very special .

Cleveleys beach delivered by the bucketload , wonderful pastel hues , gorgeous blue water & a sculpture that attracts photographers from far & wide .

Yet on this near perfect morning I had the place to myself.......& that's the massive upside to daft o'clock sunrises 🙂 So do it ! Got to bed early , Set your alarm clock for early & head off to your nearest coast.......ENJOY 🙂

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