Isle Of Man Scarlett and St Michaels Isle

Isle Of Man Scarlett and St Michaels Isle

Lynne Luxon-Jones

Isle Of Man Scarlett and St Michaels Isle

Isle Of Man Scarlett and St Michaels Isle - Still windy but the sun has come out , still raining but more sporadic & the most important thing - the Island is just as glorious as ever .

A quiet over nighter at Scarlett meant just a short walk to my chosen location for sunrise , which didn't really happen but hey, we're on the Island & it's wonderful .

One thing I hadn't realised until I'd been shooting for half an hour was the power of the waves was sending very minor vibrations through the rocks which lead to a few soft images .

Once sunrise was done the cloud cover came in so I headed to St Michaels Isle for a nosey round as 'd not really spend much time there.

The History : Commonly known as Fort Island it's connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway near Derbyhaven . The Chapel dates from the 11th Century & the Fort was built under orders of King HenryVIII in the 1540's to protect the two main approaches to Derbyhaven from the East .

The island is the site of two great battles for the control of the Isle of Man in 1250 and 1275, when England, Scotland and the Manx were fighting for control of the island.

The Manx won the first battle, but 25 years later they lost control to Scotland.

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