Ice Tunnel in Jotunheimen

Ice Tunnel in Jotunheimen

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Ice Tunnel in Jotunheimen

Ice Tunnel in Jotunheimen - After I returned from this hike I've been told that the opinions on whether the tunnel is safe or not varies from expert to expert.

There will always be a risk involved when entering glacier caves. If you do decide to visit the tunnel, it is paramount that you bring a helmet and assess all the safety conditions, time of year, temperature, visual inspection, before you decide entering.

If you feel it is unsafe, don't enter. I spent 45 minutes outside testing before I decided to enter. I did so at my own risk, well aware of the dangers involved. You must do the same. Conditions may change over time. Watch your surroundings and please be safe.

Disclaimer: I am a Lumix Nordic Ambassador and the Lumix S1 and the 24-105mm is borrowed from Lumix Nordic. All other equipment I use are bought with my own money.

Early last year, I came across an article written about an ice-tunnel discovered underneath one of the glaciers in the mountain region known as Jotunheimen.

I must have read that article over ten times, and that little video which was included in the article, that really fueld my fire. It showed an ice tunnel over 200 meters long recently discovered by some hikers on their way to the mountain Midtre Ringstind.

It was carved out by a river running underneath the glacier, the opening had now melted forth, granting access to that perfectly preserved phenomenon. Ever since I first read about it, I’ve wanted to visit this cave and photograph it, before it disappears again.

I bought a map over Jotunheimen, took a guess of the route of the hikers would take, taking them past that glacier on their way to the mountain.

A year later, I was finally on my way to explore the beautiful region Jotunheimen. This is part one of that adventure.

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