Glyder Fawr Part 2

Glyder Fawr Part 2

Darren Knight Photo

Glyder Fawr Part 2

Glyder Fawr Part 2 - The Glyders are something straight out of "Lord of the rings". A stunning ridge line that has fingers rock that lean out of the ground like tomb stones and when viewed in cloud can look eeire and sinister.

The hike from Ogwen cottage to Glyder Fawr was tough for me, especially as I was carrying a fully loaded rucksack which contained a tent, sleeping bag, mattress, pillow, water, food, extra clothes and ,my camera equipment.

I never weighed the fully loaded pack as I left my scales at home but I'm guessing it was somewhere around 40lb The hike from Ogwen Cottage to lake Idwal is fine. A nice stone path with a slow incline.

From Idwal to the Devil's kitchen is also a nice walk. A lot stepper in places, but again a nice path and fantastic views of the Idwal slabs.

The Devils kitchen is where the hike becomes harder. It's a mix of walking paths and some scrambling is required, but this part should not be rushed. Stop take your time and enjoy the magnificent views over Idwal.

Once you climb over the sty at the top of kitchen, It's a short 10 minute walk to the tarn and a great place to stop for some refreshments and to enjoy the scenery. From the tarn to the summit is where it gets very tough.

The scree path is long, with a steep incline and is extremely unstable under foot (Coming down is harder) and so make sure you carry walking poles and check the weather.

However, once you have reached the summit all of the pain in reaching the top fades away and you are left with some of the most breath taking views I've ever seen.

In this episode we pitch our tents and get to witness a fantastic cloud inversion over the distant peaks and a memory that will stay with me for years to come.

Thanks for watching and until next weeks video,

See ya

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