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Scottish Landscape Photographer


All images by Alex Saunders

Portfolio my landscape photography trips in Scotland and travels to Europe. Scotland's Islands, castles, churches, famous Golf Courses, architecture photos

My images are predominantly from Scotland and include monochrome and colour architecture / landscape photos, Scottish golf courses and 360 deg interior photos.

Black and White





360 Panoramic Photos

360 St Andrews Cathedral Glasgow

360 St Michael's Linlithgow Church of Scotland

This portfolio of images will certainly change over time as my taste changes.

Enjoy the gallery and please make sure to comment.

I would love to hear your feedback.

Alex Makes 360 Photo

Alex Makes 360 Photo - all the 360 panoramic photographs of interiors and exteriors, from Ricoh Theta V camera, 360 pictures, 360 hot shoe cam images and videos, on this website were created, captured and edited by Alex Saunders.



The "GUIDE" tab in the menu above or click HERE, will feature my free guides to Scotland and Europe's best locations for landscape photography, these will be updated and added to constantly. These images from my bucket list of landscape locations with maps and all the exif meta data that was available at the time of capture of photos and or videos.

360 Panoramas

360 Panoramas of public buildings exteriors and interiors, from cultural and tourist locations, both modern and historical buildings by day and night.

360 Videos and 360 images from the hot shoe camera on top of my DSLR, with the processed image from my DSLR will also be included.


Standard format pictures of Scotland's Islands, castles, churches and famous Scottish Golf Courses will also be displayed on this website.