Beauty in the Mundane

Beauty in the Mundane

Lynne Luxon-Jones

Beauty in the Mundane

Beauty in the Mundane - Well, I never thought I'd be so impressed by the Humber , it's always been a murky yucky brown uninspiring location for me but , as I'm currently a little restricted on how far I can travel , this morning seemed an ideal tie to go explore & see if I could come up with something I liked.

I had 2 specific images in mind , one was a fine art image which I knew was achievable , the other was very tide dependant but alas ,this trip did not yield a high enough high tide .

A couple of rather average images, a blue hour image which is a rarity for me & the Fine Art image i'd been after so not a wasted trip by any means .

It also gave me a great chance to wander round , gauge how high the tide needed to be to create the 2nd image & to see what other opportunities were there .

And to my surprise I think it has plenty of potential for future visits .

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