360 Video Vlog with a Difference

360 Video Vlog with a Difference

360 Video Vlog with a Difference

360 Video Vlog with a Difference, so what’s different in this blog?
First there is an abundance of photography vlogs on YouTube etc, from very talented photographers who are skilled at crafting entertaining and informative videos.

Download places to photograph in Scotland.

Outdoor photography locations from this photographers guide to Scotland details of good photography locations uk

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Personally I don’t believe that I can produce anything close to the standard that they are doing, so it is my intention to create short on location videos (2 to 5 minutes long), that will be posted here in my blog at http://AlexMakes360.co.uk/locations

Accompanying the video on my blog will be a
1. Map of the surrounding area.
2. A detailed map showing where I shot the images.
3. Exif metadata that has been recorded at the time of capture.
4. Other relevant information ie where I parked, how long it took to walk to where I shot the images etc.

Parameters for video
My parameters for the video is that the it is  a visual reference of the location, and shot in one take.

To keep the video capture side of each shoot as simple as possible and restrict the amount of gear that I have to carry, the videos will be shot on my Ricoh Theta V 360 camera mounted on the hot shoe of my Canon Dslr. At present it is not my intention to include an audio commentary or an additional piece to camera describing what is happening in the video as this would likely requie multiple takes to get something that was acceptable.

Photographers are you looking for inspiration on
where to visit on your next photo shoot?

Take a look at my LOCATIONS with
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Captured on Ricoh Theta V

Photo Locations


St. Andrews Castle

St Andrew's Castle is a ruin located in the coastal Royal Burgh of St Andrews in Fife, Scotland. The castle sits on a rocky promontory overlooking a small beach called Castle Sands and the adjoining North Sea. There has been a castle standing at the site since the times of Bishop Roger (1189-1202), son of the Earl of Leicester. It housed the burgh’s wealthy and powerful bishops while St Andrews served as the ecclesiastical centre of Scotland during the years before the Protestant Reformation. In the Latin charters, the Archbishops of St Andrews wrote of the castle as their palace, signing, "apud Palatium nostrum."



EXIF Metadata
Location St Andrews Castle Scotland
How to get here St Andrews castle is located at the east end of The Scores
Where to park Street parking The Scores GPS 56° 20' 30.0372'' N2° 47' 24.4896'' W
What to shoot At low tide shoot from IDEAL LOCATION circled to get reflection
When to shoot Sunrise
Camera Canon 1Ds III
Lens Samyang 24mm tilt shift
ISO 100
"f" stop f11.0
Shutter Speed 5.0 sec
Filters 6 Stop ND

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360 Video Vlog with a Difference

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